Cascadia - GYPSY SUP (2017) - 11'

Built for reliability in unpredictable and extreme conditions, the Gypsy’s glide is unparalleled, so you can paddle further, not harder, in all conditions. Tie-downs keeps your gear secure and dry – and if you get hungry on your trip, we even included an

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The Gypsy touring SUP is designed for wilderness adventurers and those who spend their lives on the water. Constructed for reliability in a region where weather can be extreme, this board is built to get you out there and bring you back home safe. Features like the scooped displacement hull help you battle through the elements by maintaining paddle speed and stability through choppy waters. The Gypsy’s consistent low rocker allows for smooth cruising while helping to reduce paddler fatigue. Additional tie downs come standard, so your gear stays secure from start to finish.

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