JimmyStyks - THE PUG iSUP Pkg - 14'

Length 14’ (427 cm)
Width 50” (127 cm)
Thickness 8” (20 cm)
Nose Rocker 6” (15.2 cm
Tail Rocker 0” (0 cm)
Board Avg. Weight 53.2 lbs (24.1 kg)
Roll-N-Go Portability
Utility Tie-Downs
Inflate to 15 PSI
Dual Layer Fusion C

Quantity: 1

The Jimmy Styks Pug inflatable standup paddle board is the perfect platform for fun in the sun. With a weight limit of 900 lbs the Pug can handle multiple people, pets or that cooler with some cold drinks.  With its roll-n-go portability, the Jimmy Styks Pug opens the door to recreation and relaxation.

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