Phase 5 - SCAMP (2019) - 45"

Let your Grom shred with a purpose built board for surfers weighing less than 120lbs!

Quantity: 2

The Scamp is designed with the youngest riders in mind. It has a nice wide profile which makes the board stable and fast. It has a 1/2” premium foam core that provides the rider with exceptional float yet maintains excellent rail sensitivity for ease of turning and pumping. The Scamp comes with a tri-fin set up loaded with 1” fakie fins on the side and a 2” center fin. This configuration provides the rider with a good balance of drive/hold in the face of the wave and free enough to move the board around. Not too tight, not too loose. Ready to go where the rider takes it. These characteristics make the Scamp the ultimate grom board in providing a great platform to learn the basics while providing the performance to progress to the next level.

Every board comes in a variety of custom hand painted graphics and colors.


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