SIMS - JUICE (2016) - 156cm

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SIMS is back! And ready to give you the edge up on your park and all-mountain jibbing game! The SIMS Juice is perfect for the all-mountain jibber and park rat looking to get the most out of each day on the mountain.

The board features a micro camber that is a flatter than a traditional camber, but not quite flat. It also features micro early rise tip/tail for ultimate jib performance and powder floats, while the camber will give you the snap, response, and pop you need to boost the booters, lock onto rails, and butter your way around the mountain. The Juice has the stability not to buckle under high speeds, so you can be confident when pointing it through that narrow chute. The habit forming ride will push you further then you could dream of, and you’ll be eyeing side hits and transitions that didn't seem possible before.

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