Aquatone - WAVE ALL AROUND - 10' x 32" x 6" INFLATABLE SUP Pkg

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The Wave 10’0” may be the smallest inflatable stand up paddleboard in Aquatone’s all-round range, but it’s packed with stunning performance and ultimate flexibility (and still lightweight!) You’d be hard-pressed to find a better option for leisure paddling, especially if you’re a beginner-to-intermediate rider of short-to-average height and light-to-average weight. The Wave is best on calm, near-shore water, but its front rocker is designed to handle choppier water and small waves – and that’s just one of its amazing stability features.

Its Stringer Tech provides superior structure stiffness via 13cm wide centre stringer construction that runs from top to bottom on both sides of the board. Double-taped for added strength, it’s significantly more rigid than traditional single-layer SUPs. This board also benefits from its popular all-round shape and dimensions – a generous 6” of thickness and an accommodatingly stable 32” of width. It’s an ideal surface for new boarders to burn through the learning phase and get on to having a blast with stand up paddleboarding.

They can also enjoy sit-down paddleboarding – thanks to two extra D-rings that facilitate making your board into a kayak! (You can even add an optional kayak seat).



EVA FOOTPAD – A soft, 4mm-thick Ethylene-vinyl acetate pad provides a slip-free standing surface. Features attractive “wave” graphic and an extra-grippy diamond pattern.

PREMIUM DROP STITCH FABRIC – Keeps a tight wrap on Aquatone’s high-pressure air valve technology, contributing to outstanding board stiffness and rider safety.

CENTRE GRAB HANDLE – Built with neoprene rubber padding for a solid, slip-proof, and strong grip that makes for a more comfortable carry to or from the water.

ADJUSTABLE BUNGEE CORDS – Located at the tail of the board to provide both safer gear access and more room to paddle.



ALLSTYLE PADDLE – Great entry-level paddle that fits almost all user sizes and skill levels. Features an aluminum shaft infused with foam for floatation, two-pin clamp system, three-section adjustable length, and a blade and T-style handle made of durable molded nylon.

DOUBLE ACTION HAND PUMP – Pumps up your SUP on both the upstroke and downstroke. Flip its switch to single action for final inflation. Features durable ABS/nylon body, user-friendly foot base, and easy-to-read integrated pressure gauge.

9” SUP COIL LEASH – Matches your board’s attractive design, while meeting recommended safety standards. Features a solid 9” premium PVC coiled cord that can stretch to 22”, a soft, padded ankle or cuff strap, and a stainless-steel, swiveling D-ring to prevent tangles.

9.0 ALL-ROUND DETACHABLE FIN – Lightweight, durable and reliable, it optimizes glide and maneuverability. Features shatter, crack and chip-resistant molded nylon construction and a secure, slide-and-lock push-in base (no pins, screws or tools required).

SUP GEAR BACKPACK – Comfortable, travel-friendly protection for your valuable SUP and gear. Features quick-release buckle, foam-padded back straps, lightweight construction and quick-drying, heavy-duty 600D nylon fabric and breathable side mesh.

TYPE: SUP All round

LENGTH: 10'0'' / 305 cm

WIDTH: 32'' / 81 cm

THICKNESS: 6'' / 15 cm

WEIGHT: 9 kg / 19.8 lbs

VOLUME: 209 l



RECOMMENDED PAYLOAD: 90 kg / 198 lbs

MAX. PAYLOAD: 120 kg / 265 lbs

FIN SET-UP: Single Fin

BAG: Backpack





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