Liquid Force - LAUNCH 4'5" + LAUNCH 120 FOIL PKG (2022)- 4'5"

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First time foiling? No problem, this kit was built with you and mind. A small 24" Alloy Mast to keep you comfortable while beginning your foil career. Injection molded stabilizer wing to keep things easy and balanced and the perfect front wing for learning with the Flite 120 to allow you to "feel" the foil at low speeds before you start flying. Make it easy on yourself and your friends and learn to foil on the Launch Foil Set.

  • Shorter 24” alloy mast for learning
    • More stable and less intimidating for learning to foil
  • Injection Molded Tail Wing
    • Ads stability to your ride
  • Low Speed Lift Front Wing
    • The most stable wing in the line. This wing starts to work below standard wake surf speeds and is the ultimate wing for beginners
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