Liquid Force - LAUNCH FOIL BOARD - 4'5" (BOARD ONLY)

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Built for the first time foiler, the Launch Foil Board features a large planing surface and a thinner cross section similar to a wakeboard. This allows for easy board control and smooth deep water starts. The overall width of the board, flat tail rocker, chine rails, and wide shovel nose aid in the process of learning how the foil reacts while riding at slower speeds. The foil track mounting system gives 4" of travel to adjust the foil depending on rider weight and skill level. Provided foot straps also help speed up the learning process. As it says in its name, the Launch is the perfect board to get you out of the water and into the air.

High Density Foam Core
Compression Molded
Foot Straps Included
Corduroy Deck Pad
Size: 4'5"

Wide Shovel Nose
Aids in the process of learning how to foil at a lower speed and keeps the nose above the water.
Foot straps for learning
The foot straps keep your feet in the optimal place on the board for weight distribution and balance while learning to foil.
Neutrally Buoyant
Easy to keep the board under foot while learning to get up

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