The best wake surf board to teach Kids and beginners to wake surf

The best wake surf board to teach Kids and beginners to wake surf

Wake surfing offers a low speed, low impact, beginner friendly alternative to wakeboarding or waterskiing. All ages, young and old can learn and enjoy wake surfing in a short amount of time.

The best way to get kids and beginners up wake surfing is to get/rent a board WITH STRAPS. Straps are now available on a lot of different models, so depending on your body size, and your wake size, choose a board that matches. There are 100's of how to wake surf videos on youtube, so you can follow the same process, it will just be WAY easier with straps.

Basic rules of thumb for boards are:

-The bigger the board, the easier it will stay in the wave, and the more stable it will be. So dont be afraid to go a little bigger for your first board, especially if it has straps. Once you learn to get up you can remove the straps and use the board normally. Straps can then be reattached later on to help with learning airs if needed.

Wakesurf Board Size Chart

 Rider Weight  Surf Style  Skim Style Hybrid Style 
 Up to 110 lbs  Up to 4'   Up to 4'   Up to 4'
 100 - 170 lbs  4' - 4'8"  4' - 4'4"  3' 9" - 4' 8"
 150 - 200 lbs  4'8" - 5'  4'4" - 4'10"  4' 8" - 5' 3"
 190 - 250+ lbs  5'+  4'10"+  5'+


Best wake surfs for kids to learn:

Liquid Force Gromi w/straps 

Liquid Force Liquid Force - GROMI Wakesurf w/ Straps (2022) - 46"

Liquid Force Primo with straps comes in all sizes from kids to large adults, GREAT for learning, but is also a high performance board after you learn to get up.

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